Brooke Sinclair grew up in rural New Hampshire after living in the lively city of Concord for the first four years of her life. Having absolutely no other kids her age around the area, she spent a lot of time doing mindless doodles. This became a daily hobby of hers, but she didn’t put much consideration into art.  After her freshman year of high school, she began to more seriously pursue art as a life path when she realized that the life of a ferris wheel attendant at Disney wouldn’t be a decent career.

After consideration from her parents, she decided to study illustration at Maine College of Art for  year. The plan was to transfer after the first year, but Brooke decided to stay after growing attached to the Porteous building. Though her original plan was to major in illustration, she took a New Media class and said to herself “this is pretty swell.” She is currently now a New Media major at MECA and will become a senior in the fall.

While open to exploring other themes of art, Brooke’s work tends to focus more along feminine elements with mild sparks of fantasy. While she adores working with cutesy objects such as frills, dolls, and softer color palettes, she also equally enjoys creating works that deal with more horrific elements and implications of fear, discomfort, and mutation; without getting overly detailed. Her tools consist of Paint tool SAI and Adobe Photoshop. She draws using a Bamboo Tablet